“Making It Our Own”
BBC Newsround Professionals
and Their Efforts to Build a News
Agenda for the Young

by Julian Matthews (University of Leicester, United Kingdom)

This article, based on an observational study of the BBC children’s news program
Newsround (UK), discusses how news professionals’ particularized news culture
shapes the production of the specialized news agenda. Studying the agenda-building
process with this concern reveals how an understanding of their target audience plays
an important role within the news-making process. This informs professionals’ collec-
tive understanding of an “ideal” Newsround story that is used within production to
select and shape a simplified and personalized news agenda for children. The impact
of this process on children’s “cultural rights” as would-be citizens as well as the impor-
tance of the news form and its inscribed audience for an understanding of agenda
building is then addressed within the article’s conclusion. (download)